About Me

I am a virtual assistant. I like working from home because of two reasons: first, I am able to watch over my two kids while I am working; second, I get the chance to be my creative self, working at a schedule I prefer and without the hassle of long commute.

I love classical music since it helps me to focus despite my kids’ noise. I like reading blogs about business, implementing strategies I have learned from them and also from clients. I like sharing my knowledge but only to those who are really interested to learn and only to those who will surely apply what they have learned.

When I was in high school, I was the Associate Editor-in-Chief for the school’s paper. I have gone through some workshops to help fulfill my duties for the club, however, I really have not done much since my focus back then was on making poems. It was about a couple of years ago when a former client asked me to train some new hires. I really did not know where to start so during my free time I started writing my knowledge on paper, noting down every step on how to complete a particular task.

After a few months, I started dreaming about my own online business and wrote some company profile thingy if that’s what it’s called or maybe just a brief introduction of what it does. By the way, I had 6 years call center experience. I thought I can only be good on the phone, talking. It was just when I decided to work from home that I realized I, too, can still somehow write. I am honestly not familiar to what my kind of writing is called. Anything from the workshop I had attended before has long been forgotten. I still know some terms though such as technical writing, creative writing, ghost writing.

Anyway, upon meeting several clients in the past years, being influenced and inspired by the people I speak and work with, plus the habit of researching, I came to know what I want to keep doing. Aside from music, it is writing short articles. As a matter of fact, I have written a few 500-word articles for my clients which they use for blogging. I also like taking pictures, finding nice ones, and creating grids and mosaics, adding quotes on them and recently, designing my own images.

I have grown fond of social media, influenced by one of my clients, a digital marketer in Michigan, U.S.A.,  that I wish I get the chance to study the same field. Currently, I am taking short online courses and practicing them on my own to know which strategy works best. I am also hoping to start a project of assisting small businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations in managing their social media posts to help boost their online presence and social engagement which according to what I have so far read may help generate leads.

I am still currently in the planning stage and anything helpful that experts can suggest will be highly appreciated. I will try as much as I can to always update my site, I hope I can somehow entertain you with my blogs, as how I am entertained by blogs written by really good writers out there.

All the best,

Kristen Maine T. Gatdula

+63 (045) 286-9090 | +1 (248) 795-1622 | meetkrisma@gmail.com

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